General Conditions

Please read General Conditions Carefully:-

a) Parents / Guardians are requested to fill in the admission form with utmost accuracy. Date of birth once entered cannot be changed.
b) No fees/charges are refundable /transferable on any account.
c) Before withdrawing a student from school one month’s notice in writing is to be given or one month’s tuition fee in lieu of notice. this notice should bear the Fathers / Mothers signature.
d) Transfer certificate will not be issued until all dues to the school have been paid up-to date in full and on payment of Rs.500/- as T. C. Charge.
e) Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, bad conduct or sickness liable to be injurious to other students justify dismissal.
f) If a child fails to resume classes on re-opening of the new scholastic year or a major holiday, within six teaching days after re-opening, without sanction of the principal, the students name will be struck off the rolls. Re- admission will be done if seats are available and on payment of the re-admission fee along with the previous dues.
g) The school is liable to strike off the name of any student whose parent/guardian misbehaves or does not Co- operate with the school authorities.
h) Continued idleness, use of bad language or behavior inside or outside the school premises, chewing of pan Masala or consumption of any form of intoxicants, drugs, damaging school/public property, and particularly any Offences against honesty or morality will expose the offender to immediate removal/dismissal.
i) For any valid reason if a student is absent from any assessment / examination an application for the same must be submitted to the principal and sanctioned in advance.
j) The session record of work consists of day to day written work, projects and activities and evaluations.
k) A student must have 80% regular attendance in class.