School Fees

Please read School Fees/General Instructions Carefully:-

a) The school tuition fees are chargeable for twelve calendar months Quarterly and shall be payable by the 1Oth of every Quarter failing which a late fee of Rs.100/- per month will be levied. In the event of the 1Oth falling on a Sunday or a public holiday, the fee should be paid on the next working day failing which the late fine will be charged.
b) No deduction will be made for Holidays or broken periods.
c) Students are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the school admission register/ledger. Students whose fees are overdue may be debarred from appearing at an examination and are liable to have their names struck off the roll, if dues are not paid by the expiry of two months.
d) Fees for Computer Education will be charged separately for twelve months of the session.
e) School conveyance if made use of, will be charged additionally from April to September and October to March. No deduction or cancellation will be entertained. Before discontinuing the conveyance, facilities provided by the school, one months’ notice in writing or one month’s conveyance fee in lieu of notice will have to be paid.
f) Terminal fee @Rs. 1000/- per quarter is payable by every student in addition to the monthly tuition fee.
g) Bus cards must be carried by the students daily and they must travel by the buses allotted to them by the school office/transport section.
h) The School Management / PRINCIPAL will not be responsible for any mishap/accident that occurs during the journey made by the student by the buses or any type of transport provided by the school.
i) Parents must be present at the allotted bus-stops to pick up and drop their wards to and from their homes.
j) Parents must attend the Parent-Teacher meeting to keep a track of their wards academic record in school.
k) Mobile phones /iPods etc. are not allowed in the school.